3CS Designed and Launched the website for Kala Pola

3CS Designed and Launched the website for Kala Pola


Kala Pola is an annual Art festival showcasing and promoting visual arts. This is organised by The George Keyt Foundation in association with the John Keells Foundation.

This event was launched in 1993 with only 35 artists. Kalapola has been under the patronage of John Keells Group since 1994 and has been renowned as a popular annual event in the Sri Lankan art calendar. The event now consists of over 300 artists and over 20,000 visitors, local and foreign.

The website was developed in an artistic and user friendly format. It gives the users insights about Kala Pola and the atmosphere of the event. The site is fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and platforms. As with every 3CS solution, the website runs on state-of-the-art infrastructure, and has been highly optimized for search engines.