3CS Launches New Website for Babynames of Samanthi Ahubudu

3CS Launches New Website for Babynames of Samanthi Ahubudu


3CS designed and launched a new and redesigned website for Babynames. We worked in close collaboration with the Babynames team to develop this attractive new design. Combining attractive imagery with an elegant layout, the website creates an appealing visual presence. It is a fully eCommerce capable website and customers can place orders online. This allows customers worldwide to get Sinhala baby names without delay.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Samanthi Ahubudu, Manu and their team for working closely with us to deliver an extraordinary web solution.

Babynames was founded by the late Kalasuri Ariesen Ahubudu, a well-known Sri Lankan writer, orator, playwright, composer of Sinhala songs, author, and poet with over forty years of experience in naming newborn children. Following that, Samanthi Ahubudu, daughter of late Kalasuri Ariesen Ahubudu, continues her father’s work. The website offers names for babies as well as names for businesses, institutions, organizations, and other types of activities. The service also assesses the suitability of names coined by the customer or names currently in use by them at a very low price.

The previous award winning website of Babynames was also designed and maintained by 3CS. This new design utilises the latest technologies to take the solution to the next level. The website is designed in a contemporary and sophisticated style, to be visually appealing, user-friendly and informative. The site is fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and platforms. It is highly optimised for search engines and is hosted on 3CS proprietary infrastructure for superior performance and reliability.