3CS Launches New Website

3CS Launches New Website


As we enter our 21st year in the industry, we have seen design trends, technologies and user behaviour evolve. Browsers have advanced greatly, providing a vast range of possibilities for the websites we design today. Internet usage in our primary market of Sri Lanka is skyrocketing, with over six million users and an annual growth of over one million users. Improvements in broadband speeds allow us to develop media-rich web solutions without sacrificing speed. Mobile phones have become the default Internet browsing device and high-end phones offer platforms on which to deliver rich user experiences.

It is against this backdrop that we contemplated a new design for our own website. Our design philosophy and design language have evolved as we learned from the over 1,000 website projects we have been involved with, serving clients across many industries and countries. We have always favoured simplicity and minimalism, as we believe this approach delivers a superior user experience and achieves higher engagement. We have constantly challenged established paradigms and design practices, always probing the boundaries to see how we can do things differently and better.

Our focus on the business objectives of any website rather than trying to show off our technical capabilities is a mark of our maturity. At the same time we strive for fresh and exciting visual experiences. Much of the sophistication of our solutions remains hidden beneath the surface, ranging from speed and reliability to security and coding standards. Yet all of these criteria contribute in subtle ways to a superior user experience.

We have always favoured the use of video as a powerful communications tool. We feel the time has come to embrace this format as Internet speeds, device capacities and browser capabilities have sufficiently advanced even in our core market, and have been widely adopted. What are the key information our potential clients are looking for when they visit our site? We focused on this information and cut out all unnecessary material. In the process we also eliminated some lesser used services and products from our offerings so that we can focus on our areas of true expertise. We thought about both the desktop and mobile experience and customised the design to better match each platform.

After several months in planning and development, we are proud to unveil the new website for 3CS. It is a showcase of our design capabilities and vision, while providing information about our work, clients and the services we offer. We hope you enjoy it and welcome your comments and feedback.