3CS Redesigns Ariesen Ahubudu Website

3CS Redesigns Ariesen Ahubudu Website


The website celebrating the life and work of Kalasoori Ariesen Ahubudu (1920-2011), redesigned by 3CS, was officially launched at the commemoration ceremony held at the Sri Lanka Foundation on 25 August 2016. The Chief Guest at the event was Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The keynote address was made by Professor Sunil Ariyaratne, where he compared the writing of Ariesen Ahubudu to the celebrated poet Chandraratne Manawasinghe.

Kalasoori Ariesen Ahubudu, was a reputed Sri Lankan writer, orator, playwright, composer of Sinhala songs, author and poet. He was also famous for providing Sinhala names for newborn babies, as well as for institutions and organisations. The www.ahubudu.lk website is dedicated to preserving his legacy. His daughter Samanthi Ahubudu continues his tradition of providing baby names (www.babynames.lk).

The www.ahubudu.lk web design is based on modern design trends, simplicity and minimalism, making it functional and user friendly. It is one of the rare websites designed by 3CS with content exclusively in Sinhala. The Ahubudu font, based on the handwriting of Ariesen Ahubudu, is used on the website. The website also highlights the work of the Ariesen Ahubudu Foundation. The site is fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and platforms.

As with every 3CS solution, the website runs on state-of- the-art infrastructure, and has been designed to be search engine friendly. 3CS has also designed and maintains the award winning www.babynames.lk website for the same client.