Logiventures Launches New Website

Logiventures Launches New Website

3CS launched the new website for Logiventures on 12th May.

The website aims at both local and international reach, promoting its main business areas of convertainers and project logistics. Due to the many products and technical details of some products, the website has a lot of information. It was a challenge to design a website that remained user friendly while effectively communicating all the necessary information. It is a fully responsive website compatible with all mobile devices, platforms and browsers.

All photographs are original pictures from the various operations and products of Logiventures. The Logiventures team worked closely with 3CS on this project. 3CS gratefully acknowledges the huge contribution made by Savindra Weerasooriya in coordinating the project from Logiventures. The site also links with Social Media and is well optimised for search engines. With responsive design and effective use of Social Media, the Logiventures website is a cutting edge solution for one of Sri Lanka’s top blue chip brands.

Logiventures (Pvt) Ltd operates under Hayleys PLC which is a leading blue-chip multinational conglomerate in the country founded in 1878.