The Company

The leading web design company in Sri Lanka, 3CS has delivered comprehensive web solutions to over 900 clients since its inception in 1997.

Who We Are

3CS is Sri Lanka's premier web solutions company. We have provided state-of-the-art solutions to over 900 corporate and institutional clients across 57 countries. Our services include consulting, web design, digital marketing, corporate branding, infrastructure and software solutions.

We were awarded the gold medal for Best Corporate Website in Sri Lanka in 2010 and the Best Tourism Website in 2011 for our design for Mount Lavinia Hotel. In 2011, we were awarded the e-Swabhimani Award and the Manthan award for best e-Entertainment website in Sri Lanka and South Asia respectively for the design for Hiru FM. In 2012 3CS won eight awards at the Best Web competition, including gold award for Best Web Developer, gold award for Best Corporate Website and gold award for Best Sri Lankan Website. In 2013 we retained our title as Best Web Developer in Sri Lanka. In 2014 3CS won 12 awards at the Bestweb competition including gold for Best Web Developer, gold for Best Travel & Tourism Website and gold for Best Sri Lankan website. We are the market leader in Sri lanka in both web design and search engine optimisation (SEO). We are also a leading provider of social media marketing (SMM) and paid online advertising (PPC). We have also earned a reputation for high quality professional photography, particularly in the travel and leisure sector.

Our websites create revenue channels that outperform other providers, often by a factor of more than 100 to one. We are specialists in solutions for the travel and leisure industry and have developed more than 40 hotel and travel websites for clients across several countries. Our eCommerce solutions earn over Rs. 500 million online annually.

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of consultants, designers, developers, content writers, engineers and executives. Continuous innovation and quality improvement have made 3CS solutions the benchmark in our industry. Our imprimatur of quality and reliability is distinct in any project we undertake. Our experience of over 17 years, broad international client base and portfolio of tried and tested proprietary technologies make us a natural choice for technology partner. 3CS is more than just an exceptional technology company; 3CS is a state of mind.

Forward thinking companies

Clients, partners and brands we work with

  • amw
  • loic
  • aitken-bussiness
  • lake-house
  • asia-assets-finance
  • aitken-power
  • icpl
  • oman-hotels
  • vijithayapa
  • lofc
  • rcgc
  • sting-consult
  • flowerdrum
  • tudawe-trading
  • elephant-coridor
  • maxies
  • anoma-opt
  • kingsbury
  • dpl
  • clc
  • cdb
  • alumex
  • amaya
  • lolc
  • asia-cap
  • mount
  • aitken
  • lolc-leisure
  • mabrock
  • eden
  • asia-leisure
  • asia-secu
  • fortress
  • lomo

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