Thriving with confidence and sustainability in the Digital Marketing industry 

Thriving with confidence and sustainability in the Digital Marketing industry 

Established in the year 1997, 3CS has come a long way. While the company’s initial focus had been on equipment solutions, in time 3CS moved into software, web solutions and online marketing. Having celebrated its silver jubilee in 2022, the company is known to be Sri Lanka’s longest-operating and highly-respected Web Designing and Marketing Agency. 

The Chief Executive Officer of 3CS, Sandaruwan Madduma Bandara, plays a vital role in the company’s growth and success. Sandaruwan is a proud product of Trinty College and Dharmaraja College, Kandy. He pursued his higher studies at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennslyvania, USA. Sandaruwan has been a part of 3CS’s award-winning and game-changing expedition for over two decades now. 

Despite facing a fair share of struggles in terms of operating amidst times like the civil war and recessions in its early years, 3CS managed to develop cutting technologies and broaden its portfolio. Now, not only has 3CS led the industry in terms of design and innovation but also in ethical business practices. Working with over a thousand clients across 57 different countries, 3CS continues to serve some of the nation’s top blue-chip companies and brands and deliver revolutionary solutions including order-of-magnitude revenue increases in ecommerce solutions. “We are one of the most agile and efficiently run companies in the crowded web design and digital marketing space in Sri Lanka”, Sandaruwan states.  

Stating some of the milestones 3CS has achieved by far, Sandaruwan talks about the development of the Vijitha Yahapa Bookshop website in the year 2004. He also mentions that 3CS began delivering solutions to the hospitality industry from 2008 onwards. Having designed and delivered more than 80 hotels and travel websites across the globe, the company expanded their portfolio by including professional photography.  

As a multiple award-winning company, 3CS carries many national and international awards across many sectors, being recognised as the Best Web Developer between 2010 and 2021 – an unparalleled achievement in the industry. 3CS was the first to market with many ground-breaking technologies and practices, including hotel web design, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, and online audio and video streaming, and website security innovations, amongst many other areas. 

Being a company that is completely debt and liability-free, 3CS was also the only company in the industry to operate at 100% efficiency and capacity every single day during the COVID lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, as well as the economic and political disruptions of 2022. “Due to our ability to anticipate challenges before they occur, and to take bold, innovative moves well ahead of time, the company is confident in its ability to weather current and future economic challenges, as it has done so effectively in the past”, Sandaruwan says. 

Taking a look into the future of the company, Sandaruwan mentions that 3CS is interested in working with new investors and partners to drive the next phase of growth and innovation. “We have observed other aspiring entrepreneurs and companies in our industry emulate our practices and technologies and grow into successful businesses. We take pride in being able to provide this leadership to the industry. The best advice we can offer to such aspiring young people is best embodied by our tagline: success is a state of mind.” 

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